Glossary Viewer/Editor (VE)

The Glossary VE supports the development of a comprehensive glossary of an edition of a text.  Initially based upon the Word List V, lemma are specified and attested forms identified and inflected.  Compound analysis may be undertaken, linkages between lemma implemented and annotations applied to both lemma and attested forms.  The Glossary VE encompasses the following constituent features:

  • Lemma Attributes
  • Lemma Linker
  • Attested Form Linker
  • Inflection Attributes
  • Compound Analysis

The Glossary VE is augmented by an Properties Component, the Glossary Properties feature.

Fig X

Lemma Attributes Feature

The Lemma Attributes feature supports the specification of each lemma and its properties.  Etymology, part of speech and gloss are detailed, according to project specific standards, for each lemma identified in the main pane of the Glossary VE.

Lemma Linker Feature

The Lemma Linker feature supports the linkage of lemma with associated lemma for a constrained ontology that includes see, see also, alternate and cf type linkages.

Attested Form Linker Feature

The Attested Form Linker feature supports the identification and linkage of words or compounds exposed in the main pane of the Glossary VE with the associated lemma.

Inflection Attributes Feature

The Inflection Attributes feature supports the inflection of linked attested forms.  Nominal or verbal properties are selected from a constrained ontology configured for Gāndhārī or Sanskrit.

Compound Analysis Feature

The Compound Analysis feature supports the specification of compound constituents and head words.  Linked constituent lemma are generated.

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