Image Viewer/Editor (VE)

The Image VE supports the inspection of an image, the segmentation of signs on that image, the ordering of those segments and the linking of those ordered segments to syllables exposed in the Edition VE.  The Image VE encompasses the following constituent features:

  • Navigation
  • Adjustment
  • Segmentation
  • Ordering
  • Syllable Linker
The Image VE displays in a panel with an embedded navigation pane.  Edit and View features in the Utility Panel feature provide access to supporting tools.

Navigation Feature

The Navigation feature supports the identification of signs with a navigation map and zooming tools.

Adjustment Feature

The Adjustment feature supports identification of signs with tools to invert colours, adjust contrast for the entire image or adjust the fade on a portion of the image.  Adjustments are transitory and are not saved to the image file.  The image reverts to its original display.

Segmentation Feature

The Segmentation feature supports the establishment of the identification of signs with tools to create rectangular or polygon bounding boxes around individual signs.

Ordering Feature

The Ordering feature supports establishment of the physical line ordering of segments with tools to manage numbering of segments.

Syllable Linker Feature

The Syllable Linker feature supports the linkage of sign segments to syllables exposed in the Edition VE.  Linking tools support individual linkage, automated linkage based on segment ordering or configurable patterned linking.

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