Palaeography Viewer/Editor (VE)

The Paleography VE supports the development of a comprehensive palaeographic report of an edition of a text.  Image segments are tagged with palaeographic properties.  Image segments may be exported as individual graphic files.  The Paleography VE encompasses the following constituent features:

  • Paleography Report
  • Paleography Tag
  • Image Segment Export
Fig X

Paleography Report Feature

The Paleography Report feature supports display of all sign segments in an edition aggregated by syllable identification and sorted in consonant and vowel order.  The Palaeography Report feature is synchronized with the Image VE.

Paleography Tag Mode Feature

The Paleography Tag Mode feature supports the tagging of sign segments with palaeographic properties particular to that script.  For Kharoṣṭḥī script this includes base, footmark and vowel type.  The Palaeography Tag Mode feature is a specialized implementation of the generic Edition Tag Mode feature which presents tag options from a constrained ontology.  Refer to Tag Component.

Image Segment Export Feature

The Image Segment Export feature supports the export of individual image files for each sign segment named according to their syllable identification and line position.

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