Structure Viewer/Editor (VE)

The Structure VE supports the implementation and display of hierarchical sequences.  Parallel sequence hierarchies may be developed to represent alternative analysis structures.  At their lowest level sequences are constituted by entities exposed by the Edition VE, generally words and compounds.  The Structure VE encompasses the following constituent features:

  • Structure Builder
  • Constituent Linker
  • Structure Attributes

The Structure VE is augmented by an Properties Component constituent, the Structure Properties feature.

The Structure VE displayed with an embedded Properties Pane.

Structure Builder Feature

The Structure Builder feature supports the creation and modification of hierarchical sequences.  A tree control allows researcher to build each branch of the structure guided by a constrained ontology which presents the permissible options for sub branches at each level.  Most commonly implemented to structure a text into chapters, sections and paragraphs, the feature supports the development of parallel structures and custom ontologies.

Constituent Linker Feature

The Constituent Linker feature supports the linkage of entities exposed in the Edition VE as constituents in sequences developed with the Structure Builder feature.  Most commonly applied to the lowest level of sequence structure; the linking of words and compounds as constituents of a paragraph or sentence.

Structure Attributes Feature

The Structure Attributes feature supports the editing and display of sequence description, type and superscript.

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